Welcome to Life University's IT Help Desk!

Now it couldn't be easier to submit an IT support ticket!

You have several options:

  • (recommended) Submit your request online right here by clicking on Submit a Request above.  If you are not logged in already, simply press "login" at the top right.  Use the same username and password you use to logon to your computer (faculty/staff) or Blackboard (Students).
  • or Email your request to
  • or Call (678) 331-GEEK (direct ext 4335) and talk to one of our agents or leave a voicemail (your voicemail will automatically be converted into a ticket)
  • SMS!!! Added 9/28/16
    IT Support - (404) 586-4125 (voice or SMS)
    AV Support - (404) 990-3593 (voice or SMS)

Again, logging in here at is your best option, as it will allow you to pick the support category for your ticket which will help your ticket reach the proper agent more quickly. It will also give you access to our knowledge base & forums, which may already have the answer to your question!

We understand that you don't always have access to a computer, so be sure to store our phone number in your cell phone.  Then you can reach us from anywhere, anytime!  

(678) 331-GEEK (4335)

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