What's My Email Username & Password?

Your username is everything before the '@' symbol in your email address.  For example:  john.smith

Your initial password is your first initial, last initial and the last four digits of your Student ID Number, followed by two exclamation marks “!!”.   
For example: js1234!!

If you have previously changed your password to log into WebAdvisor then you will use that password.

To find your email address:

  • Goto 
  • Enter your Last Name in the Search Student Email box. (fig 1)
  • Select the Search button. (fig 2)
  •  This displays your Last Name, First Name and Student Email Address. (fig 3)


    Note: Your Life Student E-mail user name is the part preceding

    For example: If your Life Student E-mail address is, your Student E-mail user name would be “john.doe”.




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